Sunday, April 4, 2021

Film Opening 

Wrapping It Up

Having last minute changes/obstacles was definitely not fun. Our friend Stefania, who is an amazing actor and was supposed to play the role of "Isa" cancelled last minute leading in a huge freakout. Ana and I were unable to find anyone to replace her, meaning I had to play the role and find someone to record the film opening. This was not our plan and really bothered us as things weren't exactly how we wanted them to be. However, one thing this project taught us is that you're going to have to learn how to adapt to the situations. In conclusion, these were an amazing 6 weeks which taught us both lots and inspired us to keep learning about producing. I would love to see how far we can reach and how much more we could learn in the field. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

"The Last Night" Title

This title, "The Last Night" is based on the situation and the characters of the story. The main characters, Ana and Isa, are trying to enjoy what should be their last night before going away to college. Their "last night" went amok and the title is trying to just give the audience a dramatic effect. It's also a play on words because the opening scene shows Isa and Ana going through photos of "last night" from their "last night" referring to the fact that they are about to be in big trouble. It is an attempt at subtle comic relief, but the title's main purpose is to give dramatic effect. 


Going into this project, my partner and I didn't have much experience with video editing. Therefore, throughout this process, we've had to do lots of research, including talking to people we know with video editing experience. YouTube has been an amazing asset, as there are many step by step tutorials for any question. We have come across lots of editing softwares and experimented with them to find which one we like best and is easiest for us to use. Throughout, we've encountered many obstacles and tried many different softwares and ideas, making the whole thing a learning experience. The old clips and footage helped us fix and to avoid mistakes. Although we don't have much time left to have our projects ready to submit, we have been managing our time well and have a set schedule to avoid any mishaps. 


Although it seems a bit late to modify things, lately we have been struggling with filming. We encountered several issues; the person in charge of recording us wasn't doing it the way we wanted; the lighting, angles, shots, etc could look so much better if one of us was in control. Therefore, we replaced myself, Isa, with our friend, Stefania, as the character "Isa", which is the owner of the house and in control of the party. It ended up working out, as Stefania loves acting and it comes naturally to her. In addition, the shots looked much better as I could better control the certain factors of the shots.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sound List

There aren't many foley sounds we have to make, however, there are a couple. For example, one of the elements we are adding to our film opening is putting my guinea pig out of the cage as if someone had let him out. We're going to make a foley sound for guinea pig noises. Also, when we go outside we're going to add pool noises, as well as outdoor noises such as bird chirps, and palm trees swaying.